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College Reading and Writing

College reading and writing is a dual credit class with Madison College. This means that if students meet the grade requirements (currently a C or better in both semesters and a C or better on the reading exam at the end of the first semester), they can earn up to six credits at Madison College for free! In addition, this class is a prerequisite for enrollment in the liberal arts transfer program at Madison College and for most of the career-specific English classes there. Taking this class in high school has great advantages: you not only complete the four credits of English you need to graduate from high school, but you also leave here with the credits--and the skills--you need to go directly into classes specific to your proposed major or career path. And you do all this without spending any money on college tuition.

This class is a good one for all students, whether they plan to go directly to college, take a gap year, serve in the military, or start a career right out of high school. Reading complex texts, organizing information effectively, doing research on something that interests you, and writing clearly for a variety of purposes: these are skills that are applicable in nearly every aspect of life.